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Featured Organic Cocktail


Chai Masala Martini


Welcome to the cocktail revolution! With the arrival of organic spirits into Australia, the Organic Cocktail company strives to make the purest, most natural cocktails on the planet. We create tasty drinks with a healthy twist - a little bit naughty, but very nice........


Our mobile bars can cater for any size event and our professionally trained bartenders will ensure you receive the best service...


We use only certified organic spirits, juices and fresh seasonal fruit to create delicious cocktails that will leave your guests wanting more and feeling good for it the next morning.........



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45ml Chai-Infused organic Vodka

15ml organic Lemon juice

15ml organic vanilla cane syrup

5 mint leaves


Garnish: Mint Leaf

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Read about the organic cocktail revolution...



NYdailynews: the hangover test - organic vs conventional alcohol

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Organic cocktails are new to Australian shores, so we want to hear from all mixologists, bartenders, drinkers and revolutionaries - send us your recipes, ideas, thoughts or blogs. Lets all have a drink and help make a greener planet!!!!

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